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Details, Details…

It’s been a long time since posts. I’ll spare you the details…because I’m working on quite of few of those at the moment.

There’s my mystery novel. Good progress, much to go. New paths are opening, and there are more details to create and discover.

There’s a new project, editing/ghostwriting/some combination of for a novel that’s part mystery, part coming of age, part spiritual. I’m meeting with the author this weekend to work out the details.

There’s the potential for teaching/hosting future writing workshops. I’m meeting with my workshop partner next week to consider the details.

There’s my business blog work, which is steady and I’m grateful for it. Given the work ahead in other areas of writing, fitting in the time to write effectively on all these projects may become a challenge. It will work, but it’ll take scheduling and discipline. If that time comes, I’ll just need to work out the details.

Nothing much more to say, unless I go into detail about the connection between details and writing, or details and life, or attend to detail, detail to attend…no wait, that’s the one about planning and failing (or not). Suffice to say that it’s a season for the details…in writing, and in my life, too, for that matter. Not that I need to go into detail.

Are you working on the details in your writing or your life? Comment below (spare no detail).

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