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The Value of Writers’ Workshops

I wonder why many writers don’t attend workshops. The cost? Self-doubt? Lack of commitment? No babysitter? Hard to say. Maybe it’s some combination of all the reasons mentioned above. More likely, each individual has his or her own reasons. I’m not prepared to spend the countless hours required to consider every potential possibility in trying to find the answer. I am … Continue reading

Finding the Rest Room

Busy-ness with business. An apt description of this past week, and next week, and the week after that. Besides my current 40-hour-a-week day job, I’ve been working on an editing job for a new client. It’s taken some time, probably more than I originally thought (which is good; she likes what I’m doing with it … Continue reading

National Parks in Crisis, by Wendy Hart Beckman

In these days when the world’s wisdom speaks of ‘going green’ to save the planet, few people realize that the United States National Park Service has been doing that since its inception. According to the wealth of information contained in Wendy Hart Beckman’s book, National Parks in Crisis, ‘going green’ is just one of many ways … Continue reading

Got Goals?

At the recent Antioch Writers’ Workshop, director Sharon Short asked me about my goals concerning my novel-in-progress. I think my expression was akin to looking at her like she had a bucket full of wombats on her head. I haven’t set goals for the novel, I told her, fighting the urge to hang my head as though I’d … Continue reading

Antioch Writers’ Workshop 2010: Ten Teachings and Tidbits

Yellow Springs, OH: Friday night marked a bittersweet ending to a fabulous (and sometimes frenetic) week of writerly activities at the 25th annual Antioch Writers’ Workshop. This workshop is famous among writing conferences for participants’ access to their always-amazing faculty, and this week was no exception. Attendees connected with, lunched with, and learned from some of … Continue reading

Real Famous People

So I am in Yellow Springs, Ohio, at the 25th Annual Antioch Writers Workshop. If you are a writer, this is a great place to be. Mixing with wannabes and not-yet-beens are former wannabes and not-yet-beens who now ARE. (Author Note – These statements are not meant to demean or demoralize any of the writers … Continue reading

The Hippies Were Right On

Next week, I’m headed to Yellow Springs, Ohio. It’s a little town nestled amid the cornfields, and famous for resident comedian Dave Chappelle, Antioch College (Rod Serling was a graduate), Young’s Jersey Dairy, and among other things, a long standing liberal mentality common to those counterculture commandos known as Hippies. I always wanted to be a … Continue reading

Lost in the Moment(um)

I’ve lost momentum on the book. This has lasted for about a month. I don’t like it (insert lowered eyebrows, frowny face, and tightened lips here). It started with THE MOVE. My novel-writing routine had been established. The plot’s framework was in place. Eight reasonably-tight chapters had been written. Several key characters had appeared. Momentum and … Continue reading

Routine Roulette

When you move to a new place, you pack up all your stuff, take it with you, and leave routine behind (along with those old boxes of stuff you haven’t seen or thought about since the last time you moved). That’s what life has been for me this past three weeks. I’ve been playing routine roulette…letting the spinning … Continue reading

Runnin’ with the (un)Pack(ing)

Move…over. And if you need to walk from the office to the bedroom or through the living room to the kitchen in our new place, you will also have to move over…because you’ll have to manuever around the boxes upon boxes (upon other boxes). So no writing on my novel this week. It’s all about the move. … Continue reading