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Social Media: 4 Guru Reviews

Social media has become a way of life for millions. With the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and seemingly more daily (there are over 400 ‘sharing’ sites alone), the list of ways to connect with audience and ways to market and ways to leave people alone is growing far too fast for most people (and writers, … Continue reading

National Parks in Crisis, by Wendy Hart Beckman

In these days when the world’s wisdom speaks of ‘going green’ to save the planet, few people realize that the United States National Park Service has been doing that since its inception. According to the wealth of information contained in Wendy Hart Beckman’s book, National Parks in Crisis, ‘going green’ is just one of many ways … Continue reading

Schizophrenic, by Tom Miyashiro

Jesus as a superhero? I can see that. After all, Jesus saves. That’s what superheroes do. Tom Miyashiro sees it too. In his book Schizophrenic, he opens by comparing Jesus to Spiderman, noting how the combination of Peter Parker’s humanity and super powers make him similar to Jesus, who for much of his recorded life was the carpenter in … Continue reading